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Contact us by Email, Telephone, or Mail

We understand communication is critical during the design and construction of your building. It is a top priority for us to always be available to answer questions and assist you with any issue that may arise. When contacted, our experienced team will make every effort to find answers and solutions for you in a timely manner.  

We have provided a number of ways for you to contact us:




For services, project information or quotes:


For customer support or assistance:


*All email correspondence is completely confidential.



Cole Group Architects LLC  1-320-654-6570

Monday to Friday   8:00am to 5:00 pm (CST)

Saturdays and Sundays; please leave a message.


Send your inquiries to:

Cole Group Architects, LLC
Architect:  Norm Cole
216 Park Avenue South  Ste, 102
St. Cloud, MN   

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